Fuck ‘Miss Pinay’ (Literally)

Today was the golden discovery of Miss Pinay. We came across this curvy, bubbly babe by recommendation when someone asked if she is on my website. Naturally, she is now.  Sporting a superb pair of boobs; a desire to travel and some fantastic tight holes, she knows what she wants and how to give it […] Is it a scam?

Is Camscapade a scam? I think not. However, like most things, time will tell and there have now been allegations. The End. Just kidding. It is all a bit strange though. Or is it? Ambition and some money (a lot of) is required to start up a cam site. I know not because I have […]

Are you the next big adult affiliate?

A long time to master but only seconds to get started How do you make money as an affiliate? What is an affiliate? Why did I choose Zombaio for my adult affiliate site? Except the latter, these are questions you can easily answer yourself within a couple of seconds using google. Because ultimately your journey will […] – An introductory.

Want to snap with real Japanese women without the awkward language barrier of entry? This site easily translates into any language. New, innovative and about to be heavily promoted at the time I write this. A review isn’t easy at the time of writing this as it is so new. However, the owner and creator has […]

Pussy Saga Game Review

The first thing that stood out for me on Pussy Saga was the catchy, cute music. Second to that were the crisp, clean animated graphics. All very cute. Oh and the breasts that barely fit on the screen. You are accompanied by a fairy who acts as your tuition into the games basics. At first […]

Skype shows. The pros, the cons and the pointers.

As you know, it is what we are most famous for at Ayumipie. The Skype shows. Over the years not much has changed in the way we market them, provide them and the general rates of shows. What has refined is the overall expertise we apply in a now perfectly oiled system from a to […]

Sweet Lil Jenny and her jenfanclub

Welcome to glimpse of ‘jenfanclub’ and more importantly, what is contained within. Lots of free photos and videos of this new found little oriental peach. This is one cute lil Asian sweetheart. Well in some of her pictures anyway. In the others she is a cum covered lil slut. Either way we admire her naughty […]

Neenee G’s Erotica

Featured erotica – By model Neenee G Find her and read more – here. I love the feeling of your pulsing cock…pumping in and out of my watering mouth. The slick of my tongue laps up your pre-cum. The feel of your hands digging through my hair, just sends me over the edge. I suck […]

Used panty (and other items) fetish.

The models at Ayumipie have sold used items for many years now. With great levels of success. We have won various awards for it. Everything from slightly worn panties to panties not removed when a visit to the washroom happens. From the slightly aromatic to the extreme kinky filthy. Chewed gum, nail clippings and vials […]

How did I retire as a cam model at 26?

Small steps Lots of models, clients and contacts have asked me how I retired from cam modeling. Well the answer is simple. In order to get to that end, I need to start from square one. In the beginning I didn’t know I would be a cam model. My first plan was to learn web […]

SweetxMelody – Featured Model.

We wish this stunning beauty could model for us one day. Asian models should always check out Ayumipie for great opportunities to feature themselves and have a lot of fun doing so. Be sure to check out more of SweetxMelody here. She also sells used panties just like us. It’s an unusual but hot feeling […]